Young Justice

Yeah I'm getting old.

I'm pretty sure this is my forever fandom.

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Young Justice


Shhh These volleyball idiots are my no. 1 weakeness.

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Role Model Arya Stark. Life Goals, to be Arya Stark.

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I love you but I sort of hate you.

You feel me?

Well except Wonder Woman, she herself can do no wrong.

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Too many perf characters. Mike and Bryan, you guys are killing me.

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Today is literally the most relaxed I’ve felt in ages and the first thing I do is draw museum heist. WIP

In this business, there is no win,
We can only hope for minimal losses.

I’m sorry I had to. Museum Heist feels are getting to me


Title: Hushed
Summary: The four times M’gann almost tells, and the one time she does. M’gann-centric angst.
Characters: M’gann M’orzz; La’gaan; Garfield Logan; Conner Kent; Dick Grayson; Wally West (mentions of Artemis and Kaldur)
Pairing(s): Slight Supermartian/Angelfish/Spitfire and general M’gann+team bonding.
Spoilers(?): For ‘Before the Dawn’
Word Count: 2,349 words

Have I ever told you guys how much I love Miss M?

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oh Tim you’re cheeky you.

"How is it again you’re still friends with all your exes?"

Is this a bromance? I think so~

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Happy Birthday: Sar-cat and teentitansxyoungjustice!

I sure hope you guys don’t mind that I did both of your presents together! I had a lot of problems cause ps decided to be stupid today~ but I’m glad I finally finished it! I hope you two have a wonderful birthday!!! -nervously sits here- I hope you guys like it!

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Young Justice: Civvies

Request by streetlightsandairplanes

Hope you like it :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE! Sorry for the late birthday present, my gosh I’m such an awful friend! BUT I did whip this up cause the all amazing Dick Grayson is your favorite character and I made it a lot more scruffier than intended… BUT I HOPE YOU SEE THAT I TRIED AND I <3 YOUUUU

It’s from FOREVER 21 guys, it was so beautiful, so I thought I would buy it, hahaha. NO TRISH I did not make it.

OT3: Museum Heist

Printed Keep Calm YJ posters

So I finally got my posters printed; and that in the first picture is kookoomama’s hand; and she helped to take the photos