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Yeah I'm getting old.

I'm pretty sure this is my forever fandom.

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Shhh These volleyball idiots are my no. 1 weakeness.

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Role Model Arya Stark. Life Goals, to be Arya Stark.

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I love you but I sort of hate you.

You feel me?

Well except Wonder Woman, she herself can do no wrong.

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Too many perf characters. Mike and Bryan, you guys are killing me.

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Title: Hushed
Summary: The four times M’gann almost tells, and the one time she does. M’gann-centric angst.
Characters: M’gann M’orzz; La’gaan; Garfield Logan; Conner Kent; Dick Grayson; Wally West (mentions of Artemis and Kaldur)
Pairing(s): Slight Supermartian/Angelfish/Spitfire and general M’gann+team bonding.
Spoilers(?): For ‘Before the Dawn’
Word Count: 2,349 words

Have I ever told you guys how much I love Miss M?

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Name: Jackets
Character(s): Ike/Jade
Rating: T for swearing

Literally Abysmal Ike/Jade drabble- it’s really not much but I was recently hit by massive Ike/Jade feels and I needed to write something or it would just annoy me! I really wish I could’ve written something more IC and better, but it’s 3 in the morning and I just hope it’s okay…

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Infinite parallel realities

Title: Infinite parallel realities

Pairings: Wally West x Artemis Crock

Rating: T

Summary: There were an infinite parallel realities, with an infinite number of parallel Dick Grayson’s he presumed. In all the parallel realities, he wondered, why did his Dick Grayson, have to pick his Artemis to be sent into the trenches, directly in the squirms of battle.

AN: Just a quick drabble I came up with because I couldn’t sleep :) Enjoy the spitfire!

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The five steps to admittance: Step One

Title: The five steps to admittance: Step One

Rating: T

Characters: Artemis Crock x Wally West: SPITFIRE <3

AN: Wrote this before I got on the plane. But if you want to read part one, check it out over HERE, to be honest that’s just like a mini-preview. I am aware that it switches perspective, and I’m really sorry if it gets a little confusing :\

STEP ONE: The Warning Signs


Give her a quick look won’t you? She’s pretty, she’s feisty, headstrong and witty- she sure can handle a bow; not that you’d ever admit it to her face at least (not on your life), but there’s something about her that makes you want to kisskill her.

That, in hindsight, should’ve been sign number one.

They say that it started the moment she came in, the moment you made yourself look like an imbecile, as well as a total moronic asshole; spluttering out obscenities as you picked yourself and nitpicked at her every flaw with your feeble attempts to crush her dreams and kick her the hell out of the place.

You told her Roy was a better archer than she could ever dream to be.

Boy, don’t you just wish you could take back those words now?

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The Five Steps to Admittance: Prologue

Title: The five steps to admittance

Rating: T

Characters: Artemis Crock x Wally West

AN: Just something really quick I decided to whip up on my way back home. It’s just a small bit :)



The first dawning is always a shock.

The first realization that maybe it’s not her with the irritating, self-deprecating, repugnant ego that makes you want to claw at your skin; maybe it’s you with the petty self loathing and unfortunate, empathetic compassion that made you swore ultimate, brutal vengeance on her ‘deceased’ behalf. 

Or maybe you’re just a confused teenage boy.

But as you stare across the living room as the walls ooze with judgmental, nosy curiosity (because lets face it, Robin is the omniscient mastermind behind the hidden cameras in bonzai plants): wondering why Artemis Crock has such a vexatious, nasally, obnoxious voice, why Artemis Crock has so many different arrows that you know she’s just imagining vividly, what shooting one right at you mid-air would feel like; why Artemis Crock has to be blonde, why Artemis Crock has to be so tanned, why Artemis Crock is so pretty for a narcissistic harpy- it all makes you wonder.

Why Artemis Crock at all?

Well you, Wally West, sure had this conversation a long time coming.

Spitfire Fic: Made for you (part 1)

The first time her name is spoken; it’s on Bart Allen’s lips.

-Oh, sorry I thought you were Aunt Linda for a second! I mean because you’re Wally’s girlfriend and all-

She wished he hadn’t stopped and stared at her with his wide, naive green eyes; a look of humiliated guilt spread across his mortified features. She wished he hadn’t apologized and shouted abashedly, ‘Spoiler!' However it was unavoidable. Irrevocably undeniable.

If only she could un-hear the blunt foreshadowing.

It took Wally a few seconds to process the kid’s words; he argued that it’s Bart’s fault, he’s been slowing him down ever since his arrival. It took Wally a few seconds to see that look on Artemis’s face- like a bullet through the head, she blanked out. There was a sudden urge to run over the boy- even if he didn’t know the implication of the words he was saying. Even if he didn’t know the consequences. Even if he didn’t know it may just have costed him everything.

Linda. Who the hell was that?

The thought of it was bitter; the bile was resting in her throat, gnawing on her insides.

Artemis glanced over and gave him a look. He panicked. Hopefully she wouldn’t.

However she merely laughed stiffly and nodded towards the direction of the younger speedster, “Yeah, I’m Artemis, I used to be on the team with Wally.”

His posture relaxed slightly at her words; regardless, the ticking time bomb was following closely behind, and it was heading for them, running it’s course tersely behind their dreams of picket white fences and cozy homes. Maybe even moving out of Palo Alto. Maybe even starting a family; growing old together.

"Oh, so you’re Artemis,” Bart’s smile went wide, even tender; perhaps Wally was imagining things, but he swore Bart lowered his gaze as his eyes softened, “I’ve heard lots about you.” Wally narrowed his eyes at the offhanded comment; oh for gods sake, he wished the kid would shut the fuck up and leave. Or bother someone else. Wally wondered if Bart Allen knew how much damage he would be needing to fix with his constant spurts of unnecessary smalltalk. Although, Bart doesn’t give Wally a chance to reply.

"I mean- it’s because I don’t see Wally a lot, um, in the future. He talks a lot about you.” Bart interrupts cheekily; his active essence bubbling around the cave.

It was a good try, Wally thought.

He was positive the thought was still plaguing her mind though- just like it was haunting his.

Forcing himself to focus, he pushed aside the issue at hand and inched closer towards Artemis; he hopes that Bart takes the hint and keeps his speedster mouth shut.

Artemis held her composure well as her grip on him tightened, an arm slung around his waist as she positioned herself comfortably next to him, “Well, glad to know that Wally hasn’t gotten bored of me quite yet.” To the untrained ears, she would seem snarky and smug- typical behavioral patterns that the archer held. To Wally, she was holding back.

"I could never get bored of you babe," he kissed her cheek for confirmation and affirmation. He promises whole-heartedly, he could never get bored of Artemis Crock. To which, Bart winces and sticks his tongue out, disgusted at the public display of affection before him.

He wanted to forget what Bart said.

Only he couldn’t.

He also wanted Bart to stop sending those pitiful looks of his.

Like the worst was yet to come.

Spitfire- “Just don’t die okay?”

“Just don’t die okay?”

She smiles wistfully at Wally; he’s not very good with words, but she knows that what he says is real. For the first time in her life he’s tangible; for once he has a scary hold on her heart and she isn’t all that afraid he’s going to shatter it into a million hysterical pieces. 

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How I made practicing SAT vocabulary fun

By writing Young Justice Sentences with them? Like the beginning of a fanfiction- Most of them are spitfire, I think some of it is inspired by the sobfest the YJ fandom has been induced in.

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Wally West can’t breathe anymore.

It’s because he’s starting to think again, think about how M’gann and Conner are no longer together, they haven’t been for at least six months. Dick is no longer Robin, he’s given that up to pick up a new mantle, Nightwing, a call for independence. Zatanna has never really gotten over her father’s imprisonment as Dr. Fate, but she carries on. Rocket didn’t know what hit her, but she’s on the league now, where she’s always dreamed to be. The team has gained a few more names and faces to their allegiance- Cassie, Babs, Jaime, La’gaan, Mal, Karen- Just to name a few.

Two are missing.

Kaldur’ahm, his name is the recognition of a leader fallen from grace, and he hates thinking about it. Only because he can’t hate him for it. Wally knows that he did it because of his father- strangely enough, evil family ties seemed to be a common suspicion of many that were either on the team, or are currently so. He hasn’t heard from him in a year. It hurts because he can’t understand why and when did everything get so fucked up, and could he have done anything about it really?

"Hey Flash! Get up and give us a hand could you?" Somewhere he hears La’gaan call out. He promptly ignores him.

Letting out a soft rasp as he runs his hands past his wind-swept hair, he can’t help but feel sick. One more member of the team is left unaccounted for and he’s been counting the days in his head. It’s a distraction, and hopefully he’ll calm down before someone notice’s he’s not okay today.

Artemis Crock has officially been missing for a year. 


Title: Riddikulusly Oblivious

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Wally West and Artemis Crock; the occasional Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon (West in the story)

Word Count: 11,682 words (“oh my god.”)

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Because they’re a walking cliche; like Ron and Hermione

Reblogging because I’m honestly really, really proud of the will I had with this story, and if you’re a YJ/HP fan, give it a try? Links are below

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AHHH Is acting retarded for anyone else? When I go to the young justice page, sometimes I see new stories, but when I click on them, they don’t work for me. 


Riddikulusly Oblivious

Title: Riddikulusly Oblivious

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Wally West and Artemis Crock; the occasional Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon (West in the story)

Word Count: 11,682 words (“oh my god.”)

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Because they’re a walking cliche; like Ron and Hermione.

AN: I’m a spitfire shipper and ronmione one so… this is what I ended up with? :) Plus I tried to write a long version of this but after writing three chapters on my computer I gave up, so I settled for a REALLY long one instead. BUT YAY; holy frack I’m writing this AN 3,000 words in and I’m sure this thing is going to be hella long. I DO NOT OWN YOUNG JUSTICE OR HARRY POTTER, now that I’ve cleared that up. The beginning is kind of boring but it gets interesting later… I promise? I skipped out so much of HP’s amazingness, because I focused more on Spitfire-ness. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry you guys will need to know a little bit about the HP universe, and the general idea of the whole storyline, but if anything is confusing, feel free to ask :)

1990: Summer

He’s heard about her before.

A half-blood; he’s heard rumors about her father and theres some awfully peculiar things been said about her. His mother would ask him to just ignore that inkling of curiosity somewhere in the back of his mind, and just walk on. Beggars could never be choosers (or so he constantly hears); however the West’s could try their best to hold onto some form of dignity by not succumbing themselves to shameless gossip or prejudice.

Diagon Ally was not a place he visited often, it was more so a privilege than a necessity after all, his family grew out most of what they needed to eat. Even though he was a wizard, it didn’t mean he wasn’t always thrilled at the prospect of entering this particular magical street with herds of shops he adored.

"Wally! Wally!" He shifts his head to see his younger sister nudging at his shirt. Their similarly speckled, sun-kissed red hair and freckled beige skin made it obvious they were siblings. A reluctant sigh escapes his lips as he thought it through; he’s just another child of Rudolph and Mary West, one among what he feels like thousands. That was an exaggeration, there’s really only four of them.

"Barbara," hissing as he shoos her hands away, "Go play with Bart or something."

The furious little red-head with sparkling blue eyes shook her head, “I can’t, Bart’s being annoying today. Will you please bring me to the candy store?”

"I’m busy Babs.”

"Fine, I’ll go ask Roy then!"

Fine by me' he thinks nonchalantly as he glances over to see his sister trotting away.

His gaze searches desperately for her once more. He doesn’t know her name, how old she is or what’s she’s like but he knows her father’s name; And really, that’s enough. Long blonde hair and sparkling grey eyes that were cold, hard and unforgiving. Embarrassment floods his cheeks as he remembers his encounter with one of her friends last year, Cameron Mahkent. He wonders if there was a reason his skin was so pale, it made him look crystalline- but so, so evil.

"Bet you’re a West aren’t you? Those freckles and red hair isn’t going to do much for you unfortunately."

Wally West snarled a lot; mainly at his older brother Roy, when the teenager liked to pretend he was their superior. However none of those compared to the look of sheer loathing and contempt towards the young boy on the opposite side of the room.

"At least I’m not stupid like you, Mahkent!" His cheeks were reddening, how he wished he could’ve thought of something much better to say.

He laughed in retaliation, “Nice try West, but the filthy poor never do make it that far.”

Anger blinded his vision, however calmly he was asked to step back as his father disregarded the young boy; Wally was surprised to see that Cameron didn’t so much even flinch. A sick feeling entered the pits of his stomach, wondering if that was only because he was proud of how he felt, or maybe it was because he was just ruthless and disgusting at the feeble age of ten.

"Cameron! Cam- Let’s leave, now." Called out a finicky and juvenile voice.

He looked up to see the pale, (almost) blue boy running towards a girl with long blonde hair and sparkly grey eyes. She blatantly ignores his curious looks as she stalks off with Cameron in tow. Then, Wally figured if they were to ever cross paths again, he wouldn’t like her very much. For obvious reasons, any accomplice or acquaintance of a Mahkent was bad news and she just screamed trouble.

"Wally- Wally! I said we have to go." Harshly he was pulled from his reverie by Roy, impatiently dragging the young boy with biting protests. This was unfair, he hadn’t even got to buy his share of candy yet. Not to mention, he hadn’t gotten the chance to visit Zonko’s. However as he was forced out of the store, he saw her one more time. Insecurely he hid himself behind his scarf before he scampered off, he didn’t want to see her face.

He didn’t want to know her name.

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