(8) May 26, 2014
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For the first time in forever since yj, and of course it’s my most favourite BAMF

(4) October 22, 2012
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Hey guys,

I’ll be going on a slight hiatus, I’ll still be posting stuff on tumblr occasionally, but all this means is that I won’t be on as often, because I’ve been having a few personal issues, feeling a bit crummy right now, and also cause I need to be able to manage my time better.


I could never do that D:

But basically, I’ll be posting less, that’s all :)

end of mini-notice

omg I apologize for my insane friend who’s all over the chatroom. She’s normal on most days- I swear

(5) September 15, 2012
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HELLOOOOO~ So this bby will be gone for a whole week and will be back on FRIDAY; away on le school trip. I WILL MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!~

(16) August 05, 2012
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I don’t really know how any of you perceive me, I’m a pretty ordinary person with followers that I sincerely am grateful for and I love. YES THIS IS GOING TO BE A HUGE CHEESE FEST SO DON’T READ THIS IF YOU CANNOT STAND OVERLY SAPPY THINGS. But basically I want to thank everyone that follows me, no matter what reasons.  

It’s in a read more cut cause I’m pretty bad at these things :\

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So… I officially RP now.


I just started, and it’s really really cool so far :D

(7) May 21, 2012
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 artemisinwonderland said: Gah you’re not the only one! I really wanna try rping but I suck at being consistent

lol I guess this is where my persona class in english should be helpful, but like sixth grade never really sunk in.

try-to-stay-whelmed said: Just try it! I RP sometimes and it goes okay.

Really? I WANT TO TRY. But I have no idea, where, how, who, when to RP at all. I ‘m like a total noob

 a-korra-able said: oooooh! i’ll rp with you! i don’t even care if you’re not great, it’ll be a learning process. it doesn’t even have to be like public. we can practice through fanmail! :D

THAT IS SMART. But someone is going to have to explain the basics to me cause I have no idea where to start…

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